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Measurable Results

After interviewing more than 100 women for her new book, “Women of Jewelry,” author Linda M. Kozloff-Turner highlights the common threads that wove through their stories and insights.

Purely Paraiba

“a gorgeous coffee table book introducing the new gem of gems, the spirited neon blue and green Paraiba Tourmaline.”

Inside Out: GEM•ology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses

GEM•ology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses, Gemworld Book Review. nning! That was my reaction as I turned the pages of the latest collaboration from the Lotus GEM•ology team. Inside Out: Gemology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses is an important story told via the micro and macro photography of three of gemology’s greatest experts—if you’ll accept the premise that at the heart of gemology is something far more important than learning the physical properties of stones.

Hardness 10 Diamonds

Hardness 10 Diamonds3rd EditionHistory—Cutting—TradeEddy Vleeschdrager ISBN: 978-9-0902-9847-41362 pp., hard cover€110 Available to order through According to the website, this, the 3rd edition has grown from 300 pages in the 1st edition 20 years ago to now more…

Ruby ( The King of Gems)

Ruby (The King of Gems) Joanna Hardy Hardcover, 328 pages, color illustrated ISBN: 978-0-500-51941-7 ©2017 by Violette Limited and Gemfields PLC Published by Thames & Hudson It’s not common to start a book review with details of the external features of…