Month: May 2023


Pezzottaite is a mineral species with the formula Cs(Be2Li)Al2(Si6O18). It is named after Dr. Federico Pezzotta from the Natural History Museum of Milan for his work on Madagascar’s granitic pegmatites.

The Game of Battleships

Everyone would say gemologist-appraisers, whether a society member or in a non-affiliated status, must avoid charging percentage-of-value-based fees. But within the appraisal world, the topic isn’t without its interesting exceptions.

Symbolism in Global Jewelry

By Sindi Schloss Paperback, 248 pages International Gemological Services, 2022 ISBN: 978-0-578-39268-4 $34.95 Reviewed by Richard Drucker, GIA GG I always find it fascinating when I read an industry book the topic of which I can honestly admit I know almost…