Month: November 2019

Mixed Messages from the Market

The market was set for a disappointing year but some sales are holding up and prices are steady after many months of decline. Rough continues to struggle. De Beers is allowing sightholders to defer some boxes, an unusual practice. Responsible sourcing and origin identification is clearly adding value to diamonds.

Inside Out: GEM•ology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses

GEM•ology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses, Gemworld Book Review. nning! That was my reaction as I turned the pages of the latest collaboration from the Lotus GEM•ology team. Inside Out: Gemology Through Lotus-Colored Glasses is an important story told via the micro and macro photography of three of gemology’s greatest experts—if you’ll accept the premise that at the heart of gemology is something far more important than learning the physical properties of stones.


The unusual combination of pink and orange in one variety resembling an exotic sunset or a lotus flower puts padparadscha in the rare sapphires, arguably the rarest, category.