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Building up authority in search listings to rank against your local competitors takes time and can cost a lot of money. When you get on the GemGuide Find An Appraiser directory, you gain the exposure benefits without the big investment. We have invested in SEO to rank for over 1,000 keyword phrases so you can enjoy the visibility without doing all the work.

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Make your listing as dynamic as your business. From the Find An Appraiser dashboard, you can easily change directory details such as your business address, phone number, or store hours. Have more than one location? Find An Appraiser gives you the power to manage multiple listings through a single account.

alternative-text All your information saved in one spot. Take your listing with you wherever you go.
alternative-text GemGuide gives you the power to manage multiple listings through a single accounte.
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You won’t need to guess if it works for you. From your dashboard, you can track how many potential customers found you through the Find An Appraiser directory.

The dashboard includes information like who clicked to your site, clicked to call you or clicked on the map to find your location. You can also get insights including how many potential clients viewed your profile and searched for appraisers in your area.

In-depth analytics at a glance.

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