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Fastest jewelry appraisal software available

The GemGuide Appraisal Software (GAS) is designed for speed in the way all the modules work. For most appraisals you can simply make choices from drop down menus which avoids typing and increases speed and efficiency.

Software Features

Estimation formulas built-in

You will not waste time looking up formulas in books. The calculations are built right in.

Fully Integrated (GemGuide Digital or Unlimited Subscription Required)

With diamond, colored gem, and pearl prices. Selection of grading criteria will generate pricing instantly.

Free Support and Upgrades

Other programs will charge up to several hundred dollars for these features.

On-screen Plotting Tools

Allows you to draw inclusions from any mouse or tablet software. For those that like to include a grading report with this plot, GAS makes it fast and easy.

Online Metals Pricing

Feature that allows you to find current, real-time metal prices at the click of a button.

Digital Photography

Can easily by imported into the appraisal for a professional look. Any digital camera can be used.

Print Directly from our Software

For ultimate speed and auto-formatting, or export to any word processing software for added flexibility.

Online Training

You can attend once or multiple times, and even send new employees at a later date to save training on the software.

Network Compatible

Other software products charge additional licensing fees for multiple installations.

Learning Videos

Easy help tools show you how to use all the functions of the software

Backup and Restore Feature Built into Program

For easy protection from lost data should your computer fail. Option to back up to any media location (recommended) or to an alternate location on the hard drive.

Requires Parallels or Fusion for MacOS

MacOS will require an Intel CPU and Parallels/Fusion/Bootcamp to run our PC-based software.

Sales FAQs

Can your software be used on an Apple computer?

GemGuide Appraisal Software is a Windows or PC based software product.  But you can use the appraisal software if you have any virtual machine (VM) software installed on your MAC.  VM software such as Fusion or Parallels will let anyone run Windows and hundreds of other operating systems on a Mac, without rebooting.  A version of Windows is required when installing the VM software on your MAC.  Both Fusion and Parallels programs are supported by Apple.

The Boot Camp software provided by Apple also acts as a virtual machine on your MAC computer.  It allows the Mac computer to emulate the PC so any PC based program can operate on the Mac. You will need to install a version of Windows within your Boot Camp software.  The downside to this option is that you need to start the Mac computer in Boot Camp mode to use the PC mode and then restart or reboot the computer to use the Mac OS system.

Why Does My Mac Need An Intel CPU to Run Your Software?

Apple’s current CPU product they are pushing is the M1 chip. This CPU runs a different coding architecture called ARM64. This ARM64 architecture runs Windows differently than it runs on Intel or AMD CPUs.

The codebase our software runs on is such that this ARM64 architecture will not let our program run correctly. This is a fundamental hardware issue with our product and cannot be fixed on the software-side of things.

Starting with certain models introduced in late 2020, Apple began the transition from Intel processors to Apple silicon M1 chips in Mac computers. The earliest products with this M1 chip are as follows:

-Mac Studio (2022)
-MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021)
-MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021)
-iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021)
-Mac mini (M1, 2020)
-MacBook Air (M1, 2020)
-MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)

Apple still sells most of these products with the option of putting an Intel chip in them, so if you have not purchased your apple computer yet, there should be the option to get one with an Intel chip.

To find out if your current Apple computer has the M1 chip, simply click on the Apple logo in the top left and click on “About this Mac”. On the new window that opens, the “processor” category will state if it is the M1 chip, or an Intel chip.

What is the difference between GemGuide Appraisal Software and the Jewelers Mutual appraisal module on the Zing™ platform?

Gemworld has collaborated with Jewelers Mutual Group to provide a free software solution for retail jewelers, primarily for point of sale. The free version does not have many of the features required for a complete independent appraisal such as weight estimation formulas, color grading systems, professional templates, variable markup rates, user table controls, and more.

Are there any additional fees after startup?

The startup fee covers installation, training, and your first 100 appraisals, referred to as “clicks” in our software (see next FAQ for explanation of clicks). There are no additional fees until you run out of appraisal clicks, at which time you can order more.

Is there an additional licensing fee for multiple installations?

No. You can install the software on multiple computers which will build separate databases, or on one networked computer which will create one database with multiple users. In either case, there are no additional fees. One low startup fee pays for unlimited installations.

What is meant by the per click method of payment for software use?

When you purchase the software, you also get 100 “appraisals” in a “bank.” Each item that you appraise for a customer is considered one “click” from this bank. The bank continues to reduce by one until you are running low, at which time, you will get warning notices. Simply order more appraisals from us ($1.00 or less per appraisal depending on quantity) to replenish the bank. If you make mistakes on an appraisal, you can go back and edit the appraisal without additional click charges. Printing is always unlimited. You can print as many copies as you would like with no additional click charges.

Is there a charge for training, support, or upgrades?

No. All these are included with your purchase. You can schedule training for yourself and any other staff. Should a new appraiser be hired later, that person can also attend a future training at no cost. Support related to our software is free. We can quote you a reasonable fee to perform other support issues such as installing cameras or setting up a network for you. All future software upgrades are free.

How will I know when there is a free upgrade?

As long as you are internet connected, the software will alert you to new versions when you open the program. You can upgrade immediately, or at your convenience. Since all upgrades are free, you will want to upgrade whenever one becomes available.

If I decide to stop using the software, will I lose access to the existing customers and appraisals in the system?

No. Once you install the software, it is yours to keep on your system. Since we use the “per click” method of payment, when your bank of appraisals has run out, you will no longer be able to add any new items to existing or new customers. However, you will still be able to access old appraisals already completed and edit them a limited number of times. You can continue to print an unlimited number of copies of existing appraisals. The software will not shut down.

Do my unused or "bank" of appraisals expire?

No. There is no time limit for using your appraisals. Also, you will continue to get free upgrades and support as long as you continue to use the software and order more appraisals.

How much does it cost for more appraisals in my "bank"?

When you replenish your appraisal bank, additional appraisals will never be more than $1.00 and can be as low as $.50, depending on the quantity you order. For example, 100 additional appraisals are just $95.00. For an additional 250 appraisals the cost is only $225.00.

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