Month: February 2022

Tucson Color Report

During interviews conducted the week after the AGTA and GJX shows closed, many dealers expressed their satisfaction with the strength of business conducted in Tucson. “It was a very good show, one of the best in years”

Large Colored Stones

The GemGuide Market Trend article typically covers a single gemstone that has shown an interesting trend in demand and/or price. However, this report presents a trend that is more general in nature. Such an observation has been made lately and was mentioned by several gem dealers following Tucson gem shows. That is that big and bold gemstones are getting increasingly popular.

Gemworld Live Webinar Series: Market Update

The global gem trade experienced unprecedented challenges in 2020 and 2021. Mining, manufacturing and distribution sectors were all severely impacted by coronavirus shutdowns. As a result, many gems went up in markets with supplies so limited. There are still many unknown questions regarding the trends for the year ahead. The team at Gemworld has been tracking prices