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Diamond Market Holds Steady and Lab Grown Vs. Mined Diamonds

Companies shift selling preferences to lab-grown based on profitability and so-called ethical reasons, though sometimes unsubstantiated. Rough diamond prices are on the rise by both DeBeers and Alrosa with India struggling with COVID issues. Argyle is finally closing with an impressive final tender offering fancy color diamonds for the last time.

Diamond Market

The fall turned out surprisingly well for most in the diamond market. It was definitely a come from behind victory. It had been a very tough year due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 virus. Restrictions imposed early apparently caused a pent-up need to spend on luxury items. The travel industry was the big loser and their loss was our gain.

Diamond Market

Positive holiday sales drive the diamond market amid pandemic resurgence. What is old is new in a newly manufactured old European cut diamond. Dominion Diamond Mines (DDM) of Canada finally sells its Ekati Diamond Mine. Blue diamonds discovered at the legendary Cullinan Diamond Mine.

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The diamond market around the world, and especially in North America, has entered unknown waters as far as accurately predicting what’s coming down the pipeline. Diamond “experts” continually weigh in with their predications of what…

The Virus Impact and the Future

The diamond industry like so many came to halt. Rough prices are sliding among little mining and low demand. However, polished prices have not been as impacted for the time being. Canada mining in some financial trouble with Dominion Diamonds entering into solvency protection. However, they anticipate resuming mining operations when global markets reopen.