Category: Diamond Market

What the Heck is all the Fuss About?

Lab-grown diamonds have not been around in commercial quantities long enough to establish secondary values. The polished market has exhibited some positive trends and slight upticks in price. DeBeers cuts rough prices for first time this year.

Mixed Messages from the Market

The market was set for a disappointing year but some sales are holding up and prices are steady after many months of decline. Rough continues to struggle. De Beers is allowing sightholders to defer some boxes, an unusual practice. Responsible sourcing and origin identification is clearly adding value to diamonds.

Big Issues Brewing

The diamond market is interesting for sure right now. While many stores are closing, domestic and international sales are up and the average retail sale is up. However, in melee, there is a surplus and…

Colorful Start to the Year

Tucson had diamonds! Colors, slices, and more could all be found in Tucson. While some fancy color prices rose or were stable, fancy yellows declined in price due to an abundant supply including many from Canada. Round…

AMAZON Foe or Friend?

A positive year for jewelry but not entirely for some diamond manufacturers. One in five Americans in the market for diamonds. Amazon entering jewelry market in a big way. Gahcho Kué mine in Canada, in joint…