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Welcome to the Carnival…

The diamond market for both rough and polished is starting to be a roller coaster ride. Previously, price hikes were focused on larger diamonds, now on melee. Origin is becoming a more important topic, especially with Russian sanctions. GIA is going digital with reports.

Diamond Market News

In what is an unprecedented recovery over the prior two years of COVID-19 the diamond market has gained faster and recovered more than any of the other luxury markets and it continues to capture the largest share of expendable income dollars.

Diamond Market Holds Steady and Lab Grown Vs. Mined Diamonds

Companies shift selling preferences to lab-grown based on profitability and so-called ethical reasons, though sometimes unsubstantiated. Rough diamond prices are on the rise by both DeBeers and Alrosa with India struggling with COVID issues. Argyle is finally closing with an impressive final tender offering fancy color diamonds for the last time.