JADE: A Gemologist’s Guide

Posted on January 3, 2022 by Çigdem Lüle, PhD, FGA, GIA GG, DGA

Edited by Richard W. HughesLotus Publishing – RWH Publishing ISBN 978-0-9645097-5-7Hardcover534 pages$200 and Special Edition $300 Pre-order at www.lotusgemology.com Jade—this ancient Eastern treasure—is given as thorough an English language exposed by Hughes, et al., as possible for such an important subject. Jade: A Gemologist’s Guide explores not only the physical properties and value factors of jade, but as we would expect from Hughes, also the humanity; the history, lore, and cultural significance of this most revered material. There is no doubt that this contribution to the literature will prove to be the authoritative work on the subject for decades to come. To many in the western gem trade, jade is an underappreciated gemstone, which makes the educational contribution here unparalleled. One cannot imagine reading this work without gaining a new interest in Jade. The appeal for this work will extend far beyond gemologists. But those of the target audience—gemologists—are treated to an elegantly written and beautifully illustrated book. Thanks to Richard Hughes. Jade: A Gemologist’s Guide has been collated by his editing and writing with 22 contributors from all over the world to tell the ultimate story of jade, not only as a gem- stone but also as a cultural object associated with many different civilizations. The following authors contributed an impressive 25 chapters in this book; Ahmadjan Abduriyim, Dale Blankenship, George E. Harlow, Eric J. Hoffman, E. Billie Hughes, Richard W. Hughes, Jiang “Chris’ Chenglong, John I. Koivula, Nikolai Kouznetsov, Liu Yicen, Kirk Makepeace, Jeff Mason, Dominic W.K. Mok, Qi Lijian, Mary Lou Ridinger, Don Salt, Roland Schluessel, Andrew Shaw, Shi Guanghai, Susan Stronge, Wang Mingying, Stewart Young, Zhou “Adam” Zhengyu. Most authors provided their own expertise on certain aspects of jade. For example, Mary Lou Ridinger on Mesoamerican jade and Dale Blankenship on Alaskan jade. Notably, John Koivula’s chapter on inclusions in jade is invaluable. The book also delivers the most needed practical methods of jade identification in two separate chapters; Nephrite Jade, it’s Identification and Evaluation by Eric J. Hoffman & Richard W. Hughes and Jadeite Jade and its Identification by Dominic W.K. Mok and Richard W. Hughes. Both chapters cover all jade testing methods from conventional to advanced in order to educate the modern gemologist. The complex geology and mineralogy of jade is not ignored. It is well covered in one chapter by George E. Harlow. Appraisers and valuers are not left alone in their jade quest. There are two chapters to answer the majority of Western...

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