Category: Market Trends

Blue/Green Tourmaline

The market’s current color demands, combined with the relative affordability and availability of the material, have led to the popularity of the specific hue of tourmaline.

Red Spinel

The gem, long beloved throughout history—even though, at times, it was appreciated as ruby—has continued to rise in price, especially in the fine quality, as supply once again becomes scarce.


The price of the classic gemstone has steadily risen over the years, especially in regards to the larger sizes and highly coveted Santa Maria color.

Blue Zircon

The most popular hue of zircon has increased in demand, and though price has gone up slightly in fine goods, its affordable price point still offers a lot of look for less.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

The category has found a solid position in the market, but prices continue to slide. Production is up, though, and designers and even some growers are introducing new jewelry lines all the time.

Tahitian Pearls

The pandemic hit Tahitian cultured pearl supply hard, with shortages only now starting to stabilize. Tight supply combined with high demand means prices are way up and likely to rise further.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

The natural colored diamond market remains strong and steady, and closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in Australia sealed the rarity of Argyle pinks.

Cobalt Spinel

Vivid cobalt spinels are particularly rare and more expensive than the other blue spinels. Recently, a new source outside Mahenge in Tanzania has excited the gem trade.