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Garnets, Simply Beautiful

Posted on January 9, 2018 by The Gemworld Staff

The 2017 holiday shopping season exceeded expectations in dollars spent thus signaling consumer confidence in the current direction of the economy. MasterCard reports that retail sales grew 4.9% this holiday season. Of particular interest is…


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Diamond Market – January 2018

With innovation in the marketplace, the industry is looking to the future. Blockchain possibly coming to the diamond industry. Dominion Diamond Corporation changes its corporate structure. Diamond markets mood is generally positive. The one-time diamond market…


INTRODUCTION Jeremejevite is a mineral species with the formula,  Al6B5O15(OH,F)3. It is pronounced by replacing the “J” with “Y” so phonetically, it would be “yeremeyevite.” It was first discovered in 1883 on Mt. Soktuj in East…