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Gem Focus - February 2020

Posted on February 19, 2020 by The Gemworld Staff

Rainbow Garnet: All Colors on Black.... Garnet group minerals are never short of marvels. There are more than twenty-four related species of garnets, ten of which are also known as gemstones. Structurally similar, gem garnets differ from…


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What the Heck is all the Fuss About?

Lab-grown diamonds have not been around in commercial quantities long enough to establish secondary values. The polished market has exhibited some positive trends and slight upticks in price. DeBeers cuts rough prices for first time this year.

White Buffalo: An Update

“The original white buffalo stones are not turquoise, they are dolomite, and are Located in esmeralda county just west of Tonopah, Nevada, as it’s just on the edge of Nye. Dry Creek is known for having white turquoise which some called ‘sacred buffalo’ but is a separate stone from white buffalo.

Colored Stone Market – January 2020

Young consumers continue to drive jewelry trends. Applying old marketing models to new consumers will miss the mark. Responsible sourcing continues to impact supply and demand. As large companies mine aggressively, some areas get exhausted rapidly. Sapphire remains king and expected to remain into this decade.

Price Guides – Friend or Foe?

How convenient it is to use a price guide to retrieve prices for diamonds and colored stones. Merely adding a markup to determine a value seems too easy. Some gurus of valuation theory are emphatic that price guides should be banned. Other experts embrace price guides as a key part of the process.