Consulting Services

Our experts will be glad to consult on individual project needs.

Expert Witness

Gemworld International has acted as consultant and as expert witness. Our area of expertise focuses on diamond and colored gemstones. We have produced in-depth reports on specific areas of the industry and have provided consulting experience to major worldwide mining companies.

Historical & Research Project

We can produce historical reports on specific gems. In addition, we have been retained as advisors for legal cases and have testified as experts regarding gem prices and appraisal valuations.

Some of our clients over the years have included the FBI, US Customs, major mining companies (hired in confidence), jewelry firms, and attorneys. References can be made available upon request.

Quality Control Analysis

Another area of consulting is in high volume sales. Gemworld can provide quality control analysis in both verbal and written form. We can produce cost-effective identification credit cards for many different gemstones, loose or mounted.

Please contact Richard Drucker, President, or Stuart Robertson, director of research, for fees and quotes on projects.

For companies in need of corporate training, we can customize programs to suit your exact needs. Programs we offer can be gemological, geared toward liability issues such as disclosure and selling, or grading and pricing of gemstones.