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Appraisal Products

Document Appraisal Folder

A 9x12 square corner folder with 4 inch pockets inside to hold multiple appraisals. Includes 4 corner horizontal slits for business cards on inside pocket. Semi gloss coated paper with aqueous soft-touch…

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Appraisal Vinyl Sleeves

A clear vinyl sleeve approximately 9 ¾ x 4 1/2 that will hold your tri-folded appraisal. The vinyl sleeve has a pocket on the bottom front to hold your personal business card…

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Appraisal Document Mailers

A larger white cover stock quality envelope measuring 10 1/4 x 4 ½, used to mail your appraisal documents. This envelope is designed to hold the vinyl sleeve also.  …

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Appraisal Covers

A white cover stock quality 13x9 cover. The cover is stapled over the edge of the appraisal, then the full document is tri-folded and put into the vinyl sleeve (sold separately). The words Appraisal Documents…

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Appraisal Software

GemGuide Appraisal Software


What’s included Start Up Cost, including 100 appraisals. GemGuide Appraisal Software (GAS) – download for installation via email GAS Training via Learning Sessions – on-line Comprehensive Training Webinar (scheduled Web & Telephone Consultation) Free Upgrades…

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The World Of Color

Gem Crown


The Gem Crown is used in conjunction with the World of Color book.  It allows the user to compare a gemstone to the color swatches. Gem Crown automatically comes with World of Color System.  However, if…

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World of Color

The World Of Color Communication System. Two years in development, this color communication system, based on Munsell has over 1,400 colors in this master comparison book of colors. Each of 40 pages has its own unique…

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Third Party - Appraisal Aids

The Complete Handbook

The Complete Handbook for Weight Estimation by: Charles I. Carmona, G.G. The most complete publication ever addressing the challenges of estimating weights of mounted gemstones. It has formulas and tables for 24 common shapes and 48 uncommon…

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Gemology Tools Professional


Gemology Tools Professional Version 9.3 - Download only available.  Windows Only  Gemstone Quick Reference, Diamond and Colored Stone Weight Estimations, Round Diamond Grading (NAJA grading system), Akoya Pearl Strand Grading, Round Diamond Proportion Analyzer, Crown Angle…

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GemDialogue & GemDialogue Color Toolbox -  Portable color reference tool developed by Howard Rubin, that can attain more than 60,000 visual colors. The system works for matching both color gemstones and fancy color diamonds. GemDialogue supplies…

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