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Diamond Treatments and Pricing

Determining pricing for treated diamonds can be a great challenge. The focus here is on the history and pricing trends of modern-day diamond treatments. Four are in this group including laser drilling, clarity enhancement, high pressure high temperature (HPHT), and irradiation.

Behind the Design – Derek Katzenback

For our series on innovators in jewelry design, this month we are focusing on multiple AGTA award winning artist, gem cutter, metalsmith, and gemologist Derek Katzenbach owner of Katzenbach Designs. Located in Maine, it came as no surprise that Derek has a special passion for working natural Maine tour- maline.

Hunting for 100 Point Ratings

In light of the recent announcement that the Gübelin Gem Lab would introduce a rating system for gemstones, which is admittedly influenced by the process in use for wine, it seems appropriate to examine the potential implications for our industry, but from the context of the wine industry, where the pros and cons of such systems are known.