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Finding a quality jewelry appraiser is important when valuing your diamonds and gems. While Gemworld International does not endorse any of the appraisers listed, this is a wealth of resources to get you started. Jewelry appraisers may have varied credentials and areas of expertise. While some jewelers/appraisers may rely on their years of experience when doing appraisals, others have taken jewelry courses and obtained credentials.

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Appraisal Services

Gemworld International can provide any type of appraisal for your needs. We specialize in Insurance Appraisals, Estate, Divorce, Legal, and Expert Witness. We have performed thousands of appraisal assignments for consumers and the trade.  For insurance assignments, you will be present with your jewelry in our secure offices and the jewelry will never leave your sight. For insurance documents, please contact Stuart Robertson. For special projects, legal cases, and expert witness assignments, please contact Richard Drucker or Stuart Robertson.

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Appraisal Basics

Jewelry of value should have its own documentation. Professional appraisers may charge more for a report, but it is worth the expense to know what you are buying, to know what you own, or to get what you own insured. Fees vary among professionals as do their qualifications. You should research the appraiser on your own before having the work done. Ask each prospective appraiser about his or her qualifications and appraisal education.

This website has a find an appraiser search feature to help you locate an appraiser in your area. It is not an all-inclusive list of appraisers nor does it guarantee their expertise. Other qualified appraisers may exist in your area, which is why you should ask questions.

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Our guides will help you buy a diamond or gemstone with confidence. With everything you need to know about the 4Cs and more in regards to diamonds, it’s like taking our gem experts with you when you shop. Our Learning guide will help you know the nuances of how to pick and value the stone of your choice.

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These valuable articles cover many topics from gem treatments to market trends on diamonds and color, legal cases, and much more. The Gem Market News has been hailed in the industry as the only place to get articles of this kind. Most of our articles will not appear in other publications.

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