Month: March 2023

Hot Trends, Hot Topics from Tucson

The annual gem shows brought many buyers and exhibitors back to Tucson this year, with floors active and crowded after opening the first day. The events provide a good indicator for the year, both for what stones or colors could be popular and what issues lay ahead. Here are some insights from the 2023 events.

Divergent Market Conditions

The diamond market is facing a slow start to the year, with manufacturers taking a more cautious approach and buying less rough stock. Polished prices are down, and the majors are holding off on buying to see if they will continue to decline, and lab-grown diamond prices too continue their down trend.


Haüyne is a rare mineral, not often seen as a faceted gem even within the colored stone world. But it’s a material that has resurfaced in conversations on online gemological forums of late, receiving plenty…

Gemstone Cosmetics

They were trying to embellish their lovely lady humps. More than 40 camels were booted from a Saudi Arabian beauty pageant after getting administered Botox, hormones and other appearance enhancing techniques. This marks the biggest…

Argyle Pink Diamonds

The natural colored diamond market remains strong and steady, and closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in Australia sealed the rarity of Argyle pinks.