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Sea of Cortez Cultured Pearls

Cultured Cortez Pearls have been gaining a larger share within the global cultured pearl market thanks to successful pearl farming operations in the Gulf of California, aka Sea of Cortez in recent years. Indigenous cultures of…

Provenance of Pink Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are breaking all records at auctions for price paid per carat. Blue and red diamonds are considered the most expensive natural gems by weight in the world.

Considerations to Valuing Colored Diamonds

The market for natural fancy color diamonds experienced substantial growth during the past two decades. This market expansion resulted from a combination of increased supply and a well-organized marketing campaign that grew consumer demand for previously less desirable grades and colors.

Emeralds from Ethiopia

Emeralds are a welcome business for Ethiopia. The recently discovered gemstone deposits in Ethiopia contribute to the utterly needed economic growth of this East African nation.   A few years ago, during an interview on international TV, a…