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Greenland Ruby

After more than a decade, Greenlandic ruby has entered the market in commercial quantities. The combination of affordable pricing and traceable sourcing meet the needs of the current market climate. The flux healing of the…

Tucson Gemfair 2020

The new decade ushered in a renewed sense of optimism during Tucson. No major new gems to drive captivate buyers this year. Price changes in certain categories drove strong dealer to dealer trading and the…

The Impact of Cut on Colored Gemstones

Gems are broadly classified into three categories of cutting styles from traditional, fantasy, and precision. There are often debates as to how these cuts impact value and certainly, beauty. Better cuts will impact beauty and beauty will impact value. Cutters often have a story, and that story may include responsible sourcing, the cut, and the cutter and marketing these leads to better profit.

White Buffalo: An Update

“The original white buffalo stones are not turquoise, they are dolomite, and are Located in esmeralda county just west of Tonopah, Nevada, as it’s just on the edge of Nye. Dry Creek is known for having white turquoise which some called ‘sacred buffalo’ but is a separate stone from white buffalo.