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Scapolite – Fluorescence

I first reported on scapolite as a rare stone becoming part of the jewelry landscape back in the September/October 2009 issue (Volume 28, Issue 5). The mineralogical prop- erties are being repeated below for reference. (Ed. Note: subscribers can log in to the website, go to News and Cur- rent Publication, and search on the archives—Scapolite— to find this article in entirety.)

Colored Stone Market

No Tucson show does not mean no business. Market is currently benefitting from little competition from outside our sector. The appetite for gemstones is expected to continue to flourish throughout the year. Competition may return next year. The real story in color is outside the big-3.

What is USPAP…and why should I Care?

Every assignment provides us with a new opportunity to be a better appraiser. Whether or not you choose to write appraisals in compliance with USPAP, as appraisers, we should share the same desire to act ethically and competently to protect the public’s trust in the profession we love.

Behind the Design – Derek Katzenback

For our series on innovators in jewelry design, this month we are focusing on multiple AGTA award winning artist, gem cutter, metalsmith, and gemologist Derek Katzenbach owner of Katzenbach Designs. Located in Maine, it came as no surprise that Derek has a special passion for working natural Maine tour- maline.

Hunting for 100 Point Ratings

In light of the recent announcement that the Gübelin Gem Lab would introduce a rating system for gemstones, which is admittedly influenced by the process in use for wine, it seems appropriate to examine the potential implications for our industry, but from the context of the wine industry, where the pros and cons of such systems are known.

Colored Stone Market

A new year begins where an old one ended, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The market evolved in response to COVID-19 but some of those changes will linger long after. New approaches may challenge traditional market structures. The classic gem varieties demonstrated their unwavering ability to store value even in the worst of times.