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Sphene: A Mineral Emanates Fire with Two Names.

Titanite, as it is known to modern mineralogists for its significant titanium content, was first recognized as a new mineral by the great German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth in 1795. Soon after its discovery, in 1801, the wedge-shaped crystals inspired the mineralogist Rene Just Haüy, the name bearer of mineral hauyne, to introduce the name “Sphene” after “sphenos,” meaning wedge in Greek.

Greenland Ruby

After more than a decade, Greenlandic ruby has entered the market in commercial quantities. The combination of affordable pricing and traceable sourcing meet the needs of the current market climate. The flux healing of the…


INTRODUCTION Rhodonite is a mineral species, manganese inosilicate, with the formula MnSiO3. It often contains minor Ca and traces of Mg and Fe. The name rhodonite comes from the Greek for “rose” (rhodos), in allusion to…