Month: November 2021

Lab-Grown Diamond Market

In September, the LGD price list was added to the GemGuide. The increase in popularity and sales cannot be denied. Lab-grown large diamonds were once a rarity but today are easily found and sold. There is word of a shortage of rough for cutters, yet factories continue to be built and ramp up.

Separating Blue Topaz from Aquamarine, Part II

The basic gem testing articles offer tips on quick methods of testing using basic instruments. With practice basic tools can provide reliable indications of a stone’s ID. No tool on its own is a substitute for thorough gemological testing. So, keep in mind that when in your lab with more advanced equipment available, do not stop short at these simple tests.

Marine Cultured Pearls

South Sea and Tahitian cultured pearl producers have experienced significant interruptions to the cultivation process during the pandemic. The effects will be felt during the course of the coming few years.