Month: July 2021

Lab Grown Diamond Price Index – 3rd Quarter 2021 Market Report

Laboratory-grown diamond acceptance continues to grow as noted by announcements such as Pandora in June going “all in” on lab grown diamonds for their fashion jewelry line, no longer using natural diamonds. The July issue of the GemGuide gives more detail on this move by Pandora in the market report by diamond correspondent Jon Phillips. As he noted, it was a brilliant PR move, focusing on ethical and sustainability concerns over mined diamonds, though we know some of these claims continue to be challenged by the natural diamond producers.

Diamond Market Holds Steady and Lab Grown Vs. Mined Diamonds

Companies shift selling preferences to lab-grown based on profitability and so-called ethical reasons, though sometimes unsubstantiated. Rough diamond prices are on the rise by both DeBeers and Alrosa with India struggling with COVID issues. Argyle is finally closing with an impressive final tender offering fancy color diamonds for the last time.

Colored Stone Market

The August JCK Las Vegas show provides the first opportunity since the 2020 Tucson GemFair for buyers and exhibitors to come together for a major jewelry trade event in the U.S. At press time JCK, Couture, AGTA and the Antique shows were set to go ahead in late August as scheduled.


Of all the colorless “rare gems,” phenakite is perhaps the most desirable of almost all of its colorless counterparts for several reasons.

Heliodor and Golden Beryl

The demand for heliodor in the gem market fluctuates by fashion to an extent. Since one of the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2021 is a bright yellow named “Illuminating,” all tones of heliodor should get more attention.