Month: January 2021

Hunting for 100 Point Ratings

In light of the recent announcement that the Gübelin Gem Lab would introduce a rating system for gemstones, which is admittedly influenced by the process in use for wine, it seems appropriate to examine the potential implications for our industry, but from the context of the wine industry, where the pros and cons of such systems are known.

Colored Stone Market

A new year begins where an old one ended, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The market evolved in response to COVID-19 but some of those changes will linger long after. New approaches may challenge traditional market structures. The classic gem varieties demonstrated their unwavering ability to store value even in the worst of times.

Diamond Market

Positive holiday sales drive the diamond market amid pandemic resurgence. What is old is new in a newly manufactured old European cut diamond. Dominion Diamond Mines (DDM) of Canada finally sells its Ekati Diamond Mine. Blue diamonds discovered at the legendary Cullinan Diamond Mine.

Pink Spinel

Gem quality spinel has a long history of being confused with other gems or even a misguided reputation of being a ruby simulant. Thanks to newly gained appreciation and understanding of its own qualities, it now stands on its own merit as a fine gemstone in the modern gem market.

Blue Sapphire with Fluorescence

Fluorescence is a common feature for a gemologist to note for a variety of gem materials. Some common gems of which fluorescence is well-known include diamond, ruby, pink spinel, pink and purple sapphire and alexandrite.