Month: April 2020

Emeralds from Ethiopia

Emeralds are a welcome business for Ethiopia. The recently discovered gemstone deposits in Ethiopia contribute to the utterly needed economic growth of this East African nation.   A few years ago, during an interview on international TV, a…

Gem Focus April 2020: Sphene: A Mineral Emanates Fire with Two Names.

Titanite, as it is known to modern mineralogists for its significant titanium content, was first recognized as a new mineral by the great German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth in 1795. Soon after its discovery, in 1801, the wedge-shaped crystals inspired the mineralogist Rene Just Haüy, the name bearer of mineral hauyne, to introduce the name “Sphene” after “sphenos,” meaning wedge in Greek.

Price Guides – Friend or Foe?

How convenient it is to use a price guide to retrieve prices for diamonds and colored stones. Merely adding a markup to determine a value seems too easy. Some gurus of valuation theory are emphatic that price guides should be banned. Other experts embrace price guides as a key part of the process.

Greenland Ruby

After more than a decade, Greenlandic ruby has entered the market in commercial quantities. The combination of affordable pricing and traceable sourcing meet the needs of the current market climate. The flux healing of the…