Fitting A Jade Bangle

Posted on September 1, 2021 by Roland Schluessel, FGA, DGemG and Naryratha Heng Schluessel

For the Chinese, a circular imperial jade bangle represents the apex among all gem-jewels. Figures 1 and 2. This is because this item unites the exceedingly scarcity of top-quality jadeite jade, a significant volume of precious material, and the circle which is associated with eternity in Chinese culture. FIGURE 1. Green and white jadeite jade bangle. The fine texture with icy base is responsible for the good translucency. Size: 62 mm. Photo and bracelet: Roland Schluessel, Pillar & Stone International.FIGURE 2. Jadeite jade bangle of the “floating flower” variety on a translucent icy base with a fairly even fabric. Size: 59 mm. Photo and jade item: Roland Schluessel, Pillar & Stone International. The bangle is the most popular jade jewel, but it is also the most complex to select. Next to all quality parameters, personal preferences, and budget, choosing the right size is of utmost importance. And when it comes to green and purple jadeite, perfect bangles are, as one would say, unheard of. Table 1 shows approximate retail values that currently apply for inferior to exceptional quality jade. The approximate values indicated in Table 1, especially the higher price range, imply that the material is identified as jadeite jade. The value of omphacite and/or kosmochlor fei cui mostly fit within the lower to medium- low price levels. Keep in mind that omphacite jade occurs in all colors listed in the table; kosmochlor jade ranges from dark green to black in normal lighting conditions. Also, the qual- ity levels refer mainly to texture, diaphaneity, and color, as it is expected that the bangles are not weakened by fractures and fissures. The exceedingly high price for jadeite bangles of exceptional quality suggests why the wearer shall choose the right fit before spending such a substantial amount of money. One might even consider buying a cheap dyed and poly- mer impregnated jade bangle (also known as type B+C in the Southeast Asian jade trade) to ensure that the much more expensive purchase will be made for a comfortable fit. This article provides some tips to correctly measure your hand, choose the right size for your wrist, and slip a tight bangle over your hand’s knuckles. A jade bangle should not be worn together with non-jade materials such as a wristwatch, precious metal bracelets, or other gemstones, because it could scratch the softer mate- rial, whether that be the other jewelry item, or the jade itself. Jadeite and nephrite are the toughest gem materials, but their resistance to scratches rank just below the hardness of quartz. Quartz is widespread at the earth’s surface, and it is...

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