Appraisal Organizations and Credentials

Posted on October 4, 2018 by Richard B. Drucker, GIA GG, Honorary FGA AND Çigdem Lüle, PhD, FGA, GIA GG, DGA

One of the frequently asked questions from subscribers that are considering entering the appraisal field is, “What credentials do I need to become an appraiser?” The short answer is, “it depends.” Unlike real estate appraisers, who are required to pass a certifying exam to obtain their license, jewelry appraising is not, strictly speaking, a licensed profession. Appraisals that are done for insurance (other functions may require separate qualifications) are dictated by the requirements of the insurance companies. As of this writing, few insurers require that the appraiser have any appraisal related credentials. Some companies have become a little stricter, requiring a GG or equivalent. Insurance companies often have appraisal standards which must be adhered to, but these standards outline how the appraised item is to be documented and what quality characteristics must be provided, not who writes that document.

However, we advise those that want to enter the profession to have three things if they desire to become truly professional and limit their legal liability. Note that, no set of credentials is a barrier from legal action but obtaining an education in the various aspects of appraisal theory and methodology from an accredited program will equip you with…

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