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Category: Third Party - Appraisal Aids

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The Complete Handbook

The Complete Handbook for Weight Estimation by: Charles I. Carmona, G.G. The most complete publication ever addressing the challenges of estimating weights of mounted gemstones. It has formulas and tables for 24 common shapes and 48 uncommon…

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Gemology Tools Professional


Gemology Tools Professional Version 9.3 - Download only available.  Windows Only  Gemstone Quick Reference, Diamond and Colored Stone Weight Estimations, Round Diamond Grading (NAJA grading system), Akoya Pearl Strand Grading, Round Diamond Proportion Analyzer, Crown Angle…

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GemDialogue & GemDialogue Color Toolbox -  Portable color reference tool developed by Howard Rubin, that can attain more than 60,000 visual colors. The system works for matching both color gemstones and fancy color diamonds. GemDialogue supplies…

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