Verification Report Information

Gemworld International provides verification and identification reports for jewelers that are often used when selling to consumers. Samples of the reports that we currently provide are shown below. The information that appears on these cards is limited due to space so this website area contains a full explanation of the identification of the gem and what the information means. Should you lose one of these cards and would like Gemworld to issue a replacement card, this can be done in one of two ways. If you know the report number that is listed on the card, you may call or email your request. The fee for a replacement card is $20 postage paid. Should you require a new card you must send the stone to Gemworld by a carrier of your choice. The card and stone will be regarded and returned with a new card and new report number. The fee for this service is $35 plus $25 for postage, handling, and insurance. In addition, an appraisal valuation can be done for an additional fee of $35. All fees must be prepaid.