Top 37 Antique Jewelry Blogs

top antique jewelry blogsSome of the most beautiful and unique jewels are the ones that have previously belonged to someone else’s history. These bloggers love to find these treasures of the past and re-purpose them to give them new life, or wear the jewelry themselves and add their own experiences to the jewelry’s history.

The Antique and Vintage blogs listed below are some of the most reputable and informative online. We wanted to create a quality resource for people seeking any information about antique and vintage jewelry, so below you’ll find what we believe to be some of the top antique jewelry blogs.

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top antique jewelry blogs

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1. Veronica – Veronica collects and sells unique vintage jewelry and then writes about her favorite pieces in her blog for all of us to see.

2. Laura Dalesandro  – Laura has loved all things antique for 40 years. She loves that appreciating antique pieces of art is a natural way of conserving our natural resource.

3. Natalie – Natalie fell in love with jewelry when she was just 8 years old. After working as a social media consultant for a few jewelers, she found a passion of discovering and sharing unique, eye-catching jewelry.

4. Jean Jean Vintage – Duff enjoys antiquing, especially when it comes to jewelry. She has made it her mission to recover beautiful antique jewelry and introduce them to a new and happy home (maybe yours?)

5. Ben Chaffee and Alex Zinn – Ben and Alex traveled the world to teach English for three years. Along the way, they collected beautiful tribal jewelry from the countries they stayed in.

6. Ageless Heirlooms – Ageless Heirlooms blogs about fine antique jewelry from many periods including Victorian Jewelry, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Retro

7. Judy – Judy loves to collect and sell antiques. She loves antique jewelry from all periods, but is especially fond of 1920s ribbon work and french lace.

8. Michelle – Michelle collects and sells vintage jewelry on Etsy and loves the photos the result from some of her favorite pieces. Here she shares them as a vintage jewelry archive for all to see.

9. Paula – Paula shares photos and information aboutNavajo, Hopi, Zuni, Santo Domingo, Apache and Oglala Lakota Native American jewelry and artifacts

10. Katherine – She started this blog because she is obsessed with jewelry with a large collection of everything from vintage to tribal. She challenges herself to continue to collect new items and wear a different combination of them every day.

11. Becky – Books and jewelry might seem like a weird combination, but Becky assures us that they have more in common that we think. Both beautiful art forms, they can each thrill, delight, and tell a story.

12. Earthly Adornments – Carrying on the jewelry-loving gene of their mother, this pair of sisters also shares a love of antique jewelry and continue their mother’s legacy by passing on her beloved antique jewels as well as hunting for and sharing their own.

13. Jo-Ann – Taking on the identity of the “Vintage Jewelry Girl,” Jo-Ann collects and shares antique jewelry of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian Revival and Retro Modern.

14. Susan Jane – Susan Jane has love jewelry, fashion, and accessories her entire life. She now specializes in finding antique jewelry at estate sales, flea markets, and thrift shops to share with others who will enjoy them.

15. Cruiseroo – Cruiseroo writes about designer vintage and contemporary costume and fine jewelry. She loves gems, rings, bracelets, and necklaces especially when it comes to vintage.

16. Kiana – A vintage jewelry Etsy seller with her mother, Kiana blogs about her favorite vintage finds as well as art in general. Plus, she’s fond of the occasional giveaway, so definitely give her blog a follow.

17. Inspired Antiquity – Tiffany grew up in a home with an appreciation for art and history. She believes that everything we touch is part of someone else’s history and finds antique jewelry to tell some of the most beautiful stories of all.

18. Molly Healy – Molly loves vintage and vintage jewelry. She believes that by owning vintage jewelry, you are owning a piece of beautiful history that is unique and not mass produced.

19. Deirdre Zahl – Deidre became a vintage-inspired jewelry designer who has had some of her jewelry featured in Mad Men. She loves blogging about her love for vintage jewelry as well as interiors and entertaining.

20. Jewelry Jealousy – This group of ladies loves blogging about the culture of costume jewelry–past and present. They love to discover new vintage jewelry pieces and unearth the history behind them.

21. Tammara Nelson – It all started with the purchase of two vintage necklaces and has spiraled into a passion for collecting more treasures and not only enjoys the beautiful pieces, but the hunt for them as well.

22. Camellia – Camellia specializes in antique engagement rings as well as antique jewelry from the 1880’s to the 1950’s and prizes her ability to find jewelry in excellent condition.

23. Megan – Megan loves antique jewelry and uses it as inspiration for her own jewelry designs. She blogs about these inspirations as well as sharing new pieces that she has made.

24. Keith – Keith loves going “junkin'” with his wife (who sometimes calls him a crab…thus the name). He loves to alter his vintage finds so he can create a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.

25. Sandra – A vintage jewelry seller as well as a jewelry designer, this freelance writer loves blogging about jewelry old and new as well as other life tidbits here and there.

26. Danielle – Danielle is a proud GIA (Gemological Institute of America) accredited jewelry professional who loves to use her skills to write about vintage jewelry and gems.

27. Carol – Carol loves vintage jewelry and enjoys blogging about tips, tricks, and information about it. Along with vintage jewelry, she specializes in damascene jewelry, Sarah Coventry jewelry and all types of rhinestone and designer jewelry.

28. Sarara – Vintage reminds Sarara who she is and what she does: she is a trend-setter. Vintage combines two things she loves: the art of fashion and history.

29. Erin – Erin enjoys vintage broaches and accessories of all kinds. She loves thrifting and sharing her finds through her blog and Etsy.

30. Ann Garner – This blog takes us back in time to explore the history behind the traditional jewelry of the jewelry styles in Yemen, Turkmenia, and Ancient Mongolia.

31. Alice – Alice specializes in diamonds, gemstones, and pearls and is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. She loves auctions and flea markets and aims to breathe new life into (sometimes damaged) antique jewelry.

32. Debbie Turk – Having designed jewelry and collected vintage jewelry for over 20 years, this blogger still loves finding treasures at auctions and yard sales, especially vintage costume jewelry.

33. Vintage Baubles & Bits – With a passion for vintage jewelry, especially items from the 1900s, Mandy loves to showcase her latest vintage finds on her blog.

34. Vintage Jewelry Sellers – Vintage Jewelry Sellers is a group of vintage lovers who make it a goal to be a resource for professional, knowledgable, and reliable sellers whose goal is completing honest, satisfactory, and courteous vintage jewelry transactions.

35. Mitzi – Mitzi is a self-proclaimed “vintage geek” and has created this blog as an online directory for anything and everything vintage.

36. Laura – With occasional flairs of vintage jewelry and vintage-inspired designs, Sunday View likes to piece together treasures to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

37. Wendy Smith – Wendy’s passion is for jewelry, antiques, and art. She loves the antiques offer her a change to delve into history and learn about different cultures, so she blogs about different vintage jewelry conferences and shows from around the world.