GemGuide Features FAQ's

Gemguide FAQ's

Do the prices in the GemGuide refer to retail or wholesale market price?

The prices shown are all wholesale. The diamond prices represent actual wholesale and you will not need to apply additional discounts. Colored stone prices are also at wholesale when considering memo or small quantity purchasing.

Is there additional information on how to use pricing in the GemGuide?

At the beginning of the diamond section is helpful information on how prices relate to diamond cut, fluorescence, diamond shape, diamond treatments and more. In the colored stone section, we include information on how to accurately grade and price color including analysis of color, clarity, and cut with detailed grading system. All information appears in the printed book and the digital flipbook online.

How does the GemGuide price treatments of gems?

For all gemstones listed, when treatments affect price, they are noted either by separate pricing charts such as unenhanced and enhanced charts, or with a chart such as emerald level of enhancement and its effect on pricing.

Does the GemGuide cover origin of gemstones?

For the major gems where origin plays a role such as Burma or Mozambique ruby, Burma or Ceylon sapphire, Colombia or Zambia emerald, and many more origins, we price these with individual price charts.