World Of Gems Conference

Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel
September 23 + 24, 2017

Proceedings Book: See Abstracts

World of Gems Conference - held September 2017

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This was our fifth international conference held by Gemworld, acclaimed speakers from six countries spoke on current gemological topics and trends. After each conference, a post conference Proceedings book was prepared with abstracts of all the talks presented.

In addition, for the first time, seven poster presentations appeared at the conference with abstracts of these presentations also in this Proceedings book. Those that would like to receive a hard copy version for their library can order here.

Proceedings Book:
World of Gems Conference 2017

2017 Proceeding Book
See Abstracts


Speakers & Topics

Nicholas Sturman, GIA Thailand
Pearls, their Mollusks and Treatments

Al Gilbertson, GIA California
The Challenges of Creating a Fancy Cut Diamond Grade

Hanco Zwaan, Netherlands Gemmological Laboratory
Characterization and Formation of Metamorphic Sapphires

Emmanuel Fritsch, Institut des Matériaux de Nantes, France
Synthetic Diamonds Are Not That Hard to Identify, HPHT Treated Ones Are!

Roland Schlussel, Pillar & Stone International, California
The Jades of Burma

Kerry Gregory, Gemmology Rocks, UK
Treasure from Trash: Identifying the Value in Gemstones Recovered from Scrap

Alan Bronstein, Aurora Gems, New York
Understanding the Fancy Color Diamond Market

Çiğdem LÜLE, Gemworld International
Stuart Robertson, Gemworld International

Pricing What Nature Never Intended

Çiğdem LÜLE, Gemworld International
Paint it Black: Black Gem Challenges

Jon Phillips, Corona Jewellery, Canada
The Diamond Market: Profits, Pricing, Projections & Problems

Richard Drucker, Gemworld International
Pricing Challenges

Poster Session Sponsored by GIA

World of Gems Conference V hosted a poster session for the first time. These Posters created more opportunities for sharing information in a visually pleasing way.  Here’s a list of all the Poster Abstracts and Authors:

Stuart Robertson, GIA GG, Gemworld International
Pricing: A Gemstone’s Trip Through the Market

Sarah Caldwell Steele, FGA, DGA
The Jet Group

Richard Drucker, GIA GG, Honorary FGA,  Gemworld International
A History of The Effects of Blue Fluorescence on the Diamond Market.

Girma Woldetinsae and R & D Team, Research and Development Directorate, Ministry of Mines, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Ethiopia
Sourcing Coloured Stones
Using Schools in Rural Parts of Ethiopia

Research by Jason Williams, Amanda Good, Annette Garland and Iona Wiseman
Assessing and Valuing Coloured Gemstones (A student & Industry Comparison)

NCJV: National Council of Jewellery Valuers of Australia
Australian Opal Fossils: A window into the cretaceous.

G. Joseph Shihadeh
Effects of Chromium in Ruby, Emerald, and Alexandrite


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