55th ACE It Winter Virtual Education Conference

Comps: Navigating the Sea of Conflicting Evidence 
Jill Burgum and Stuart Robertson

The client presents you with a stunning piece of jewelry featuring a large, important gemstone accompanied by a report from a major gem laboratory. However, is there anything else you should consider before putting your professional reputation on the line? The simple answer is yes. In this presentation, Jill Burgum, Senior Director of Fine Jewelry for Heritage Auctions and Stuart Robertson, Vice President of Gemworld International, discuss considerations when evaluating fine gemstones and their comparables. Jill and Stuart, in their respective roles in the industry, each employs a process for assessing the strength of the evidence supporting an identification or value conclusion, whether based on their own findings or that of a third party. The goal of the process is to ultimately establish the degree of confidence they have that an item truly is what it purports to be. During this presentation, attendees will gain valuable insights regarding how to recognize the potential for conflicting lab reports and how to reconcile their impact on value. The presenters will also explore how otherwise innocuous seeming differences in terminology can have a profound influence on the perception of value for experienced auction clients and prominent gemstone dealers, who consider these issues before they put their money on the line.

2:00 PM
Saturday, January 30, 2021

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