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Colored Stone Market

The jewelry industry, like so many, has been severely impacted by the virus. Conflicting reports have some claiming sharp declines in prices, others no real change. Mining companies have mostly closed down. With no rough surplus to push prices lower, prices are not decreasing yet, but could if the situation does not improve soon. Social media selling has been successful as a backup to many companies. Designers and custom jewelers are still buying, even if lower price points.

Colored Stone Market – January 2020

Young consumers continue to drive jewelry trends. Applying old marketing models to new consumers will miss the mark. Responsible sourcing continues to impact supply and demand. As large companies mine aggressively, some areas get exhausted rapidly. Sapphire remains king and expected to remain into this decade.

Colored Stone Market

Challenges are affecting global appetite for gem products. Prices stable for finer quality natural gems. Bumpy road ahead but long-term outlook pretty positive. Mining sector fast to respond to current economic conditions. Confidence solidly behind…

Tucson Gem Shows 2019

Tucson sets expectations for 2019. Good demand for an array of colored stones. Two industries, one new and one old. Sapphires are king but everyone loves garnets. The emeralds of Ethiopia surprisingly scarce. Emerald disclosure or blunder? The…

Colored Stone Market

Demand for colored gems met expectations with optimism for 2019. Sapphires remain the most sought after gemstone in color. Colored stone earrings were strong jewelry sellers. Young new artistic energy is generating strong business. As…